Pangerebongan is a ceremony that is held every six months or more precisely on the ‘Pon Redite Medangsia’ 18 days after the major feast of  Balinese’s Hindu ‘Galungan’ in the Pura Agung Petilan, Kesiman, Denpasar, Bali. Beginning with the ‘masucian’ in beji then hundreds of indigenous people Kesiman mengiring ‘Sesuunan’ in the form of Pretima, Barong and Rangda, as well as other holy means to Pura Agung Petilan.

This ritual is believed to be a meeting space of the gods and ancestral spirits that aims to protect people from disasters, disease and other bad things. Preceded by a procession ‘nyanjan’, whole ‘sesuunan’ accompanied  towards main area of the temple through Kori Agung gate and surround wantilan 3 times counter-clockwise.

Sacred spiritual atmosphere began to surrounds the area Pura Agung Petilan, some people who already trance begin to dance and expression, several  of them stuck a dagger on the chest or so-called ‘ngurek’. After around 3 Times ‘sesuunan’ accompanied back towards the main area of the temple is then followed by a procession of ‘nedunang lantaran poleng Sudhamala Kesiman’ in the form of long strands of fabric plaid Black and White. Then after all procession, all people continue with prayers by the villagers. After all the procession ended, followed by a prayer with the whole villagers who attend the ceremony.



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