Faces of Tenggerese

Tengger tribe is native people which inhabited the region of Mount Bromo or Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) in East Java, Indonesia. According to legend name “Tengger” is believed to come from the name of their ancestors ‘Roro Anteng’, the daughter of the king of Majapahit and ‘Joko Seger’, the son of a Brahmin. They are a married couple who established and mastered a settlement area around Mount Bromo which named with their combined last name is ‘Tengger’.

Tengger society at large the Hindu religion, but a little different from the Hindus that believed in Bali. For Tengger tribe, Mount Bromo is a sacred place, and each year they held an offering ceremony to the Bromo crater called Kasada ceremony.

Tengger people generally work as farmers, they manage the fields which spreads on the hills around their homes. In the rainy season they grow vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, onions, and carrots as a cash crop. At the end of the rainy season they grow maize(corn) as a staple food reserves. Now, along with the increasing tourists who visit Bromo, some of them work as a tour guide, homestay renters, jeep drivers, etc..

Typical clothing accessories that they use everyday is ‘sarong’ that they used to cover their body from the cold mountain air. Their faces Characterize that they originate from mountainous areas with hard facial characteristics, however they are a friendly people.


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