Yadnya Kasada

Every year Tenggerese People held a ceremony called “Yadnya Kasada” at Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java. Yadnya Kasada or usually called Kasodo is held annually every 14th day of the month Kasada in the traditional Hindu Tengger calendar by throwing sesajen (offerings) into the crater of Mount Bromo. The ceremony is a symbol of gratitude to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God Almighty) and to invoke blessings and salvation for all people. Before Kasada held, some residents of the villages around the area of ​​Mount Bromo prepare offerings called Ongkek-Ongkek. Offerings is arranged in such a way, containing crops such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, and cattle animals.

The ceremony begins with the inaugural Kasada shamans from several villages in Bromo and staging of dance dramas ‘Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger’ in the Great Hall Ngadisari Village. Around 12 o’clock Midnight, Ongkek-ongkek that had been created will be brought together by the shaman and the residents of each village around Bromo to the Poten Temple at the foot of Mount Bromo. Then proceed with. shaman inauguration Shaman for the Tengger people are leaders in the field of religion, which usually leads the rituals of marriage etc.. Before inaugurated the shaman must pass the exam by rote and recite spells.

After a series of events at the ‘Poten temple’ after the then all Shamans and residents
rushing into the crater of Mount Bromo with its own Ongkek to offer. But the interesting thing is this offering does not directly fall into the crater because there are some people from outside Tengger who are getting ready to catch offerings thrown. Without fear they are already stayed at the crater since early morning to get the best place to catch offerings that will be thrown.


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